Doreen D'Agostino

Doreen D’Agostino, Owner/Designer
Twisted Stems

I have loved flowers since I was a little girl running around in my grandfather’s garden amongst the wildflowers, picking them along with the buttercups and sharing them with my cousins.

When I was older, I would love to design floral arrangements for my mom from hand picked wildflowers to store bought stems.  Flowers express sentiment and the different textures and fragrances tell a story that I am proud to create.

After attending Rittner’s Floral Design School in Boston, I worked for a major North Shore florist for three and half years where I met amazing people that taught me so much, so that I could spread my wings and realize my dream of owning my own business.

I have been the proud owner of Twisted Stems since April, 2010 and am so happy to have the support of my family and friends, who have helped me realize my dreams.

Thank you for learning more about us!